At the end of “Do You Believe in Miracles?” Crowley tells Dean, “Your brother, bless his soul, is summoning me as I speak. To make a deal, to bring you back.”

But that’s not what Sam says, is it? No, what he says “You got him into this, and you’re going to get him out of it.”

Does that sound like someone who is looking to make a reckless deal to you?

The fact is that Crowley basically avoided Sam throughout season 9. His whole focus has been getting Dean on his side, and with Dean off the leash and out of control because of his need for vengeance, that’s all Crowley needed. There’s a reason Crowley has mainly been around with just Dean and gone away when Sam was also getting involved. He knows Sam is smart, he knows Sam is capable of figuring him out with enough information.

And Sam has been extremely skeptical of Crowley this entire time. He never once stopped being suspicious of Crowley’s motivations. He has always, always known that Crowley was in this to get something for himself, even beyond killing Abaddon.

But Crowley’s final speech reveals that he is making the same mistake many others have made before him—assuming that Dean’s life being at risk makes Sam weak and easy. But I have some news for you, Crowley. The Sam on the right is not the Sam on the left. Sam is not a scared kid with no options and only one way out. Sam is a Man of Letters, a man who has been dealing with demons for years, a man who saved the world. A man whose entire world you just corrupted entirely for your own ends.

And I think you should be really careful about underestimating him.

Man of Letters Sam is incredible. Great post! :)

I want to say he went to Dean instead of Sam because he knew Sam was going to call him out, but he had no reason to lie. No one was listening to him then. (Except the audience, so unless we’re going a little fourth wall…) Crowley truly does believe Sam was summoning him to make a deal. And yes, that is an underestimation and a mistake.